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Mbrane System Antiscalant
Mbrane System Bactericide
Mbrane System Cleaner

  Mbrane System Antiscalant  

Main Purpose
BSS200 is a high-end film industry Calc agents need to use the water in the pharmaceutical and large scale systems using the salt of the product has been successfully used in 20 years time.


General Information
BSS200 is a liquid product. Its chemical and physical properties can be found in its Material Safety Data Sheet.

Physical and Chemical Properties
Appearance and Shape: Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Water solubility: completely soluble
Weight (standard solution): 1.15 \ 0.05 g/cm3
(Concentrated solution): 1.45 \ 0.05 g/cm3
PH (1%): ~ 1-3

Stability and reactivity
Cut with material: alkali type, strong oxides
Storage: frost, cool, dry, ventilated
Decomposition products: orthophosphate

Product Brochure

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