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General Information
BSS306 reverse osmosis special cleaning agent is a low PH value of the liquid compound formulations, reverse osmosis system for removing precipitated calcium carbonate, metal oxides, hydroxides and other scale type, it applies to aromatic polyamide reverse osmosis membrane, hollow fiber membrane and nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF), fine reverse osmosis membrane cleaning effect can be extended running time.
For best results, BSS306 reverse osmosis special cleaning agent should be BSS307, 308,309 special cleaning agent such as reverse osmosis, BSS880-specific fungicide used in conjunction with reverse osmosis.


Product performance
For all aromatic polyamide film and acetate film
Low foam formulation
Dilution adjustment to maintain the 3 \ 0.5 PH
Can be used in the production of drinking water reverse osmosis system
Liquid agent, can reduce the mixing time

Physical and Chemical Indicators
Appearance: clear and transparent
Specific gravity: 1.31
PH value: 3 \ 0.5 (1:45)
Ice Point: <-15 ≧
Minimum storage temperature: -10 ≧

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