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Mbrane System Antiscalant
Mbrane System Bactericide
Mbrane System Cleaner

  Mbrane System Bactericide  

Main Purpose
BSS880 RO reverse osmosis system-specific fungicides can be used in the sterilization cleaning outage, outage cleaning agent to use, also can serve as a reverse osmosis system online and offline cleaning of the auxiliary.


General Information
BSS80 is a liquid product. Its chemical and physical properties can be found in its Material Safety Data Sheet.

Physical and Chemical Properties
BSS880 is a liquid product. Its chemical and physical properties as follows:
Appearance: light yellow or light green transparent liquid
PH value (1%): 3.0 ~ 7.0
Weight: 1.02 ~ 1.06 g/cm3

Security matters and disposal methods
BSS880 have some corrosion in the disposal and use still need to be careful because it is after all a chemical. BSS880 safety data sheet can be obtained from our company.

Product Brochure

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